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    Inbox for Hinata Hajime at Empatheias.
    Feel free to utilize this for telepathy, messenger birds, any Future Beginnings shenanigans or action.
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    Warning: Spoilers for SDR2 + DR3 in the comments!
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[Audio] 7/7, late

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[After coming home from her talk with Komaeda, Sonia locks herself in her room to think things over. Finally, after an hour of debate with herself, her anger on her friend's behalf wins out over the desire to be a neutral party to both men.]

Hinata-san, you're an idiot. An unnecessarily cruel fool.
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[Stop apologizing. She's mad at you.]

I know that it's late. I've been debating actually interfering or not, but I can't just sit back and not be involved. And I want to do this while I'm still angry at you.

You deserve to be hit, you know. But I won't bother with that. If only Owari-san were here.

[She clears her throat quietly because she really wants to yell, but she doesn't want to wake up Nanami-san if she's asleep.]

The list of stupid things you've done is too long to enumerate. Let's just say they all boil down to your treatment of Komaeda-san! Do you know what you've done to him with your selfishness?!
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[She doesn't really care. Her worry about Komaeda has actually won out over her own sense of self-preservation. And while she's not completely blind to Hinata's obvious trouble, she is angry and that transmits well over their connection.]

I didn't say lie to him. That would have been infinitely worse, but when I arrived... I know that I am not the most observant person about interpersonal realtions, Hinata-san, but even I thought the two of you were far more than friends. It confused me at first, until I realized what sort of changes he'd gone through with only Enoshima-san as company.

And it's stupid to assume that one confession of love should be met with another. It rarely works that way, but perhaps you might have considered how you relationship changed from that point!
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Listen to me right now. Did Komaeda-san ever once ask you to choose between him and Nanami-san? I know for a fact that she wouldn't do something like that.

[She takes a deep, shuddering breath before speaking again.]

I know for a fact that it is perfectly possible to have feelings more than one person. Allowing yourself to move forward with one person is not disrespectful to the other. We learned that when Nidai-san returned, did we not? It might not be the same sort of feelings, but it is a similar situation.

And not to be pessimistic, but nothing here is guaranteed. Doesn't it behoove ourselves and those we're associated with to take advantage of the time we have together?
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[While he might be trying to keep his calm, Sonia's had too much on her mind to keep it all in check and anger, fear, disgust, envy and sadness all compete to try and make themselves known both in her voice and over the crystal. It feels like the perfect storm for despair, which is why she cuts the connection quickly.]
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[After a few moments, once she's reined everything in and can form words that aren't filled with self-pity and all of the other ugly emotions she keeps buried deep down, she reaches out to Hinata once more.]

Taking your time to figure out your feelings isn't the problem. That, actually, is fairly logical, considering our situation. And your fear is valid. I also fear that I will wake up back on the island and it will be the two of us with Souda-san, Owari-san and Kuzuryu-san and I will be out of someone who has been the best friend that I have been lucky enough to find.

But I have not let it stop me. If we let fear dictate our lives, we might as well just turn ourselves over to the Future Foundation, yes?
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[She lets out a painful, sympathetic sigh and sends her own affection for her friend towards him over the crystal.]

Who says that you must choose either of them? It is not conventional, for sure, but there is a way that you can have both. Neither of them are the types to want you to be unhappy at all. Nagito-san and Nanami-san are both surprisingly giving people and they care for you deeply.

Please don't think that you have to hurt either one of them to be even remotely happy. In this instance, you can have it all, Hinata-san.

[Be the harem protagonist. Reach that potential!]
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You cannot do that without talking to both of them, it's true, but we both know that they care for you deeply.

[Don't be dumb, Hinata. Grab onto that brass ring and hold for dear life.
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Hinata-san, I am glad to have helped you. I only hope that you will remember that more than your feelings are involved in this situation. There are three of you. And I don't want to see anyone hurt.

[She doesn't want to see Nagito look like that ever again.]
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